Yep, we're driving to Oshkosh!
1st stop - Casper, WY, for Sabbath
Even big kids like a playground! Note the rainbow.
Seeing some WY countryside
Yep, we're flying high! We'll see you there.
Service Project
Collecting Pins from New Friends
With Shelina
With Catrina
Idaho Potato

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Date Presenter Title Size
11/14/2009 Jim Berglund Feast of Prophecy II 15.2 MB
11/07/2009 Jim Berglund Feast of Prophecy I 17.7 MB
08/01/2009 Jim Berglund You Have The Right to Remain Silent 20.4 MB
06/20/2009 Jim Berglund Mighty Man Can Do 17.4 MB
05/16/2009 Jim Berglund Daniel: From Timber to Triumph 23.1 MB
05/09/2009 Jim Berglund Super Mom, Lay Down Your Cape 21.9 MB