Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Caldwell 2106 E Linden Ave    Caldwell, ID    208-459-2451

Come, Let Us Worship Him Together Sabbath, March 4 | 10:50 am | Pastor Don Driver


Sabbath, Jan. 21, 2007 Adventist Community Service Team
Not all were present but it still took 2 pictures.
The group has been under the direction of Frances Unger.
The baton is being passed to Margie Thomas
Right hand man George Unger
Asking God's blessing on the Ungers.
Special prayer for the Thomases
Be Mine Valentine Supper | February 19, 2017 | Meet some sweethearts.
Jacquie & Dave
Patricia & Roy
Neil & Joann
Ben & Janet
Shirley & Eugene
Bob & Linda
Victor & Jodie
Betty & Ray
Special Guests
Yvonne & Bob
Terry & Margie

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I was born to reflect the image of a God who is powerful enough to create my universe, attentive enough to hear my prayers and loving enough to be defined by self-sacrifice. I find my greatest fulfillment on a journey toward purpose and wholeness.